by on March 14, 2019
For maintaining formal hedges or creating uniform pruning lines, a powered hedge trimmer is definitely the tool for that task. There are numerous options to consider prior to buying.
electric hedge trimmer reviews 2019Powering Your Hedge Trimmer
Hedge trimmers are powered by either electricity or gasoline. Base your purchasing decision regarding how much portability, cutting capacity and power you will need.
Electric models are lighter, quieter and vibrate less than gas units. An electrical motor drives the blades, so there's no need to mix fuel or refill. Smaller yards are specifically good candidates for electric trimmers. There are two types:
Cordless / rechargeable / battery-operated hedge trimmers offer mobility and lightweight weight. But today’s more powerful batteries (around 80 volts) usually are not lightweight in cutting ability.
Corded models provide constant power providing you gain access to an electrical outlet. The attached cord limits mobility so this is probably not your best option for any lawn with plenty of trees. Choose a cord retention system to prevent the cord from being accidentally unplugged during use.
Gas models utilize a two-cycle engine, requiring the user to blend oil and gasoline. Mobility and work output are increased with gas trimmers, however, they're louder and heavier than electric models.
Best Corded Electric Hedge Trimmer
Blade Types
The key two issues to be familiar with with regards to your blades (apart from length, which is) are how far apart the blade teeth are, and whether your blades are single or double sided.
The space involving the blade teeth, or blade gap, affects how useful your hedge trimmer is going to be for several types of branches. Commercial hedge trimmers normally have blade gaps of your inch or more, but a majority of home users is going to be content with smaller blade gaps from the 3/8 to ¾ inch rage.
Single-sided blades are safer and simpler to advance with since it is simple to retain the side from the trimmer with the blade faced far from you. For those who are knowledgeable about hedge trimmers though, a double-sided option can increase how fast your trimming effort is, because it cuts for both sides at once.
There are many of safety measures it is possible to try to find when deciding on a trimmer. Tooth extensions, models that cut ability to the blade, dual switches and front-handle shields all will boost your operation and keep you safe.
compare electric hedge trimmersTooth extensions assist in preventing your legs along with other parts of the body from getting into experience of the teeth, minimizing the probability of getting cut.
Look for models that cut capability to the blade once you release the trigger to lessen the potential of an accident.
Dual switches require two-handed operation for safer use.
Trimmers that lock in the "off" position prevent children from accidentally activating them.
Front-handle shields stop your forward hand from contacting the blade.
Features for example wraparound handles, high-carbon steel blades and further battery packs may help you customize your hedge trimmer to meet your exact needs.
Wraparound Handle: Wraparound handles enhance comfort by letting you keep a comfortable position no matter your angle.
High-Carbon Steel Blades: Not only can high-carbon steel blades keep going longer and supply more efficient cutting, they can be sharpened to extend life.
Lock On: If you're undertaking long, difficult tasks, a lock-on feature will help reduce fatigue by enabling you to keep cutting while not having to depress the trigger.
Translucent Fuel Tanks: Gas-powered units with translucent fuel tanks allow you to closely monitor fuel levels to actually don’t run out during employment.
Pigtail: A pigtail can be a short period of cord that connects to a extension cord. Having one around the end of the corded electric trimmer will make it easier to connect and unplug the extension cord while minimizing the probability of an accidental disconnection.
Poles: If you wish to trim hard-to-reach areas that are high up, a pole extension gives you the length you ought to get the work done.
Kits: Together with functioning as being a hedge trimmer, some kits let you convert the tool into a string trimmer, patio broom or any other useful device for added versatility.
Extra Battery Packs: When you decide on a cordless electric trimmer, extra battery packs will offer extended runtime for larger jobs.